A script for a teacher – 1st part

In my early days of work in a small company, I had to do some little audit of the work my colleague in others line of activities do. And then try to help them with scripts, automatism, export of data and some courses.

I will apply the same method for this idea and try to see what I can do to help this with my current knowledge and expand my capacity to code with that little project.

This week I discovered how my girlfriend (english teacher) is completing the end of a quarter in one of her schools…and it gave me a little goal to learn to do that in powershell then try to approach the problem with other languages (Python @ first I think, then maybe try adding some more tweak…)

So what she has to do in this school (I reassure you it’s not like that for every school, just this one little school have not so much tools…) :

  1. She has a notebook with up to 10 maximum data for each student but it’s usually like 4 or 5 or sometimes less…
  2. She then has to select the best data for 5 major skills.
  3. At this point she has to open one spreadsheet given by the school and complete each of the 5 lines of skills (one file for EACH student).
  4. In this very same spreadsheet she has to enter an appreciaton of the student’s work this quarter and maybe a piece of advice? (Not totally sure about this part but it’s not important for my first goal)
  5. At this point she copies this appreciation and pastes it in a website next to the name of the student.
  6. And then it’s the end of the loop 😀

So here my first batch of idea :

  1. Enter in a Google spreadsheet all the data (Name, score) during the quarter.
  2. Apply the first script that select the best data for each skills.
  3. Enter the appreciation for all the students in this same google sheet.
  4. At the end launch the second script that will copy and past the data in each file and website.

With the advice of a colleague I will start with the end… the part that search for the name of a student in a webpage then paste the appreciation in the <textarea> next to it, because he think it could be difficult to execute.

As below


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